Shadow Figures human inhuman demonic...Inner dimensional or outer?

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Shadow Figures human inhuman demonic...Inner dimensional or outer?

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24 Nov 2018, 14:59

What exactly are shadow figures?
Do we really know?

Many people assume because they present themselves as dark forms that they are inhuman or demonic.

I used to be one of them.
However I have evolved since and now understand these 'beings' are more than likely more then that.

But how much more?

I see what I perceive to be ghosts. I understand much of what i see is not human.
These beings I perceive may be remnants of another time and space.. inter-dimensions outer dimensions who knows.
Nothing I can pinpoint with a definition set in stone.

when I moved I would see a dark skinny (without light) being which appeared human in form walk up the stairs to a neighbors apartment.
When she moved I never saw the figure again.
She did not seem to have any extra knowledge or abilities she was a prayerful person so perhaps that is why she was seemingly targeted.?
It did not scare me but I was not comfortable with its presence.

It was like it had a mission. Did not stop did not 'look' over into my direction nothing. I would watch it as it took step by step up the stairs.
At times very faded at other times.

What was I seeing?
Please share either here or at my email

Going to have a show about it and share my experiences and more about the above.

As they say "Stay tuned". ;) .

I am Host Of "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" Weds at 12 noon STUDIO A :) (heart80)

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