Day of The Dead..remember your ancestors.

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Day of The Dead..remember your ancestors.

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30 Oct 2018, 13:07

John and Laura Collins.
My grandparents.

They made a difference in the world.
John served in World War 1...he was at a young age a singer in a few nightclubs before he joined up.
During the War he was gassed with mustard gas which took away his dreams of being a professional singer.
Laura was a quiet simple girl but as with most of my ancestors STRONG and tough..kind, but man you messed with her you were sorry.
She went to Art school in Rhode Island for 2 years if I remember correctly, left after having her first child my Uncle who was born in 1931. Her sisters were psychic, very good ones, they read tea lives and cards.
My great Aunt had a home that had poltergeist activity.
Pictures and figurines flew off the mantle.
After praying and doing a clearing it stopped.
She read for many people and was always right.
My grandmother whom we called Meeker was a special and important part of my life her faith was tremendous and I believe had great impact on me. She knew I was gifted told me "you have abilities most people wouldn't careful. The Lord God doesn't give these to everyone" she was right in her quiet way. She also told me,
"For goodness sake Chrissy don't hang out your shingle"...hahahaha.
I didn't meet my Grandfather John Collins but know he is around.
He likes the coffee I leave him when we though. A bit of sugar.
Because I no longer fear everything I recognize both good and not so good spirits around me.
I used to communicate with him more, still do from time to time but living with another person who was too negative I had not for a year anyway.
Other spirits would have tried to sneak in.
John passed in 1962 before my birth.
Laura, my beloved "Meeker" died in 1987.
I went to sleep that night she died woke up to someone pulling on my wrist..I was so tired that night I didn't want to bother with the dead and in that house there were many.
Other things too.
I got up to go to the bathroom and said "whoever this is please come back tomorrow, I'm tired" .
I never tried to sense fully who it had been her.
I went back to sleep. I had a dream of Meeker sitting in her rocking chair looking out the the dream she was holding her head and calling out for her son my Uncle. They told me a few days later that is how they found her. In her chair facing the window her head in her hands...😢 She died of a stroke.
I was devastated. She was a person whom I loved from day one.
I tried to communicate with her after that but it seemed there was no one there. I was so upset I missed an opportunity to say tell her I loved say thank you one more time.

About a month later while sitting in the yard under the tree we used to sit at..I had sat there every night long into the night missing her.
I fell asleep right there in the lawn chair. I dreamed she was laying on a couch a blank stare on her face i called to her but she did not respond. "Meeker its me" "Please say something" I asked her..but got no response..I tried to get her to look at me but she was just laying there.
In the dream I felt a hand on my shoulder and one second I was in the dream at the couch she lay in, the next I was awake sitting under the trees..."It's okay Chrissy" she spoke quietly from behind me..I knew it was her..
"I'm alright" she whispered with such love I had no doubt it was her she added "You will be too".
I believed her. I felt her hand on my shoulder for a few more seconds and then she was gone.
I never heard or saw her again..once and awhile I smelled her perfume.
But it gave me such profound peace.
She was my angel in life and is so also in death.Because they watch over us they really do.
Don't be afraid of things.. :) Our ancestors got this.

To my little but great wonderful Grandparents John F Collins 1898 -1962 and Laura Larkin Collins 1904-1987 thank you! we remember you both. I love you hope I made you a bit in peace. See you soon.
Day of The Dead is here..come visit..I'll serve coffee. ;) :D

I am Host Of "Kiss Me I'm Psychic" Weds at 12 noon STUDIO A :) (heart80)

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