Trump "End birthright Citizenship for some US born Babies."

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Trump "End birthright Citizenship for some US born Babies."

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30 Oct 2018, 12:52

Trump "End birthright Citizenship for some US born Babies." ... orn-babies

Why is Donald Trump right about citizenship by birth?
By Nelson Albino Translate from Spanish

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"Donald Trump as every ruler has been wrong ever in his interpretation of the constitution, obviously he is not a lawyer unlike most democratic presidents as most recently Barack Obama who is graduated from Harvard law school and was professor of Right, however, his administration violated the constitutional law which he committed on several occasions in federal courts. Media is crazy talking about Donald Trump when he's wrong about something but they never talk when he's right. But for that we are here, to always bring the truth for more unpleasant than it is because in the end the truth is the truth.

Trump is right when he says citizenship by birth was never ordered with the consent of the governed. The doctrine of "citizenship by birth" is not found anywhere in the constitution. The 13rd, 14th and 15th amendments (Civil War Amendments) were promulgated to protect newly released slaves and to emphasize that they are citizens of the United States and have the same natural and constitutional rights That any other citizen. It is not a coincidence that the citizenship clause is within amendment 14 which also includes the clause of equal protection. Before The Amendment, if one was a citizen of a state, he was also a U.S. citizen. States decided to nationalize the problem because they feared that some states did not recognize slaves newly released as citizens.

Here is the wording of the clause: "all people born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, are citizens of the united states".

It is as if the court and politicians could completely circumvent any mention of jurisdiction, as if it said "all people born or naturalized in the United States... are citizens of the united states", with an obvious problem: it does not , the word jurisdiction is not circumvented. The Author of the clause, Senator Jacob Howard of Michigan, made clear in the halls of congress his intention.

He explains that the part on jurisdiction intended to exclude " people born in the United States who are foreigners, foreigners, who belong to families of ambassadors or foreign ministers ", and that " jurisdiction " meant " complete and complete jurisdiction ". this was so understood by Congress and people as thoroughly as Howard's speeches spread to the public at that time.

In 1873, 5 years after its approval, the attorney general of the United States in a legal opinion explained that the term " jurisdiction " meant " absolute and complete jurisdiction " excluding foreigners, including foreigners born in American soil. The clause even excluded native Americans (who, at that time, most had little desire to be an American citizen).

The "absolute" jurisdiction excludes any child who may owe loyalty to another sovereign (in Mexico, any child born in any place of Mexican citizen parents are Mexican citizens of birth), like children who are subject to any foreign government, As explained by the supreme court in 1884. Foreign citizens cannot grant jurisdiction to their children simply by giving birth within the geographical limits of the United States, only with the consent of the sovereign people can be conferred jurisdiction.

It wasn't until 1898 in the USA V Case. Wong Kim Ark, that the court " separated but equal " (Jim Crow), held that any child born in the United States of legal immigrant parents with " permanent " residence in the United States is citizenship guaranteed under amendment 14. A close exception would be for the children of diplomats. There is no precedent to allow citizenship to children born of illegal foreign parents. Article 1, section 8, CLAUSE 4 gives full power to the Congress on naturalization and jurisdiction. The Executive and the judiciary do not have the power to decide the matter."

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