Theta waves.

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Theta waves.

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Theta waves..
We understand that brainwaves are very important.
So if they are disrupted or out of balance it is not good and can create imbalances.
Ritual abusers WILL access brainwaves to manipulate and seek to control an individual.
Theta waves are sometimes accessed to cause fog in the brain slow down learning ability and make a person create different realities.
If there are spirits present they will also sense the change in frequency and will assume a position to attach oppress and ultimately possess and individual... but what is important is to understand that unless one heals the brainwaves the spirits do not have to relinquish control as they have 'permission' to be there..sin is not so much a cause for possession or dire activity from negative entities because plenty of rich powerful people have all they need and want and no oppression but BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT can and many times does cause poverty and a loop of foul luck.

Another example~ Theta waves can communicate to the body..PTSD is known to produce illnesses due to the stress but perhaps also because the communication between the Theta waves and the body are blocked or disconnected.. if something is in the subconscious it cannot really be healed until seen recognized and worked on to balance it.
In walks MKultra trauma based mind control. Disrupting the brainwaves through trauma.
So (and for me especially) I am extremely fat began to get fat after 2 episodes of extreme sexual abuse.even though i was young 9-10 and very active diet did not change....interestingly enough because the fear and trauma caused my brain waves to 'disconnect' stuffing my emotions in and disassociating so they could no longer be accessed by me in a healthy way. the hidden stress and fears etc caused an overabundance of cortisol which is a cause for excess fat. Please know these are theories I have.
serotonin and melatonin levels are also known to deplete after trauma...all causing imbalances.
When we understand energy and understand dark energy workers we know they grasp and manipulate the dark energy frequencies etc while sheep/people in Churches are so dumbed down with fear they do nothing but bark as the sky forgive my tiny insult.

IF Theta waves and i do believe they do, can boost our immune system. other different energies can alter our brainwaves can disrupt the brainwaves and or connection to the mind body communication causing our immune systems to fail...if so when we seek to heal our immune systems, our mental states, our spirts we may just be needing to heal our brainwaves in a greater way.

But confusion propaganda etc...stops that from being understood...what if AI robots etc are not what we truly need to be focusing on but we ourselves from being turned into...hybrids..people simple to manipulate..easy to divide and conquer...tell them there is a devil who can't be beat change the brainwaves and watch the drop in strength intelligence and understanding..why otherwise would MKultra trauma based mind control exist the devil if it exists already has most people.

Just some thoughts....

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