Who's your Daddy? Wed 9/12/18

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Who's your Daddy? Wed 9/12/18

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10 Sep 2018, 15:23

At the risk of making enemies..lol .or should i say more..i don't like trump agree on a few issues..immigration control the main one...i see he is successful with finances and have a wait and see sense...i am glad he won but only because I truly did not want Clinton. But he in himself imo is not sent by god.. None of them are...we should not put our hope in man any man or woman...on the bus today listening to the divisive conversation.. Over others political leaders who we pay..who love wonderfully all the while we take the cuts...i have been duped myself over the contentious arguments ...which basically amount to debates over who is screwing us over the best according to our persuasion.. 😯😭
Throwing different groups under the 🚌 as they play our fears. Our needs..our causes against us.
When will enough be enough?
Wednesday September 12 th 2018 12 noon we talk unity..disunity and solutions...
"Who's your Daddy"? Answer~ The Media

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