Willow's World - 03/19/2018, Studio B, 6-8pm EDT (10pm-Midnight GMT)

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Willow's World - 03/19/2018, Studio B, 6-8pm EDT (10pm-Midnight GMT)

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19 Mar 2018, 08:41

Welcome to the Weird Wonder that is the World of Willow Andreasson...

... on tonight's show:

The first hour sees a slight variation from its usual format: I explore the day's news headlines, both global and Gallifreyan in nature. I am also taking a few moments to remember the man who was responsible for my awakening back in 1983 - the incredible actor, director, author and writer of what is the most prescient television series in history (1967's 'The Prisoner') - a man who would have turned 90 today... Patrick McGoohan;

The second hour sees me throwing open the doors to the warm and cosy nook that is Willow's Poetry Corner: I borrow the TARDIS once more and return to an alternative contemporary Athens, continuing my narration of Lance Parkin's fantastic 2002 novel, 'Doctor Who - Trading Futures'.

The remainder of the show sees me venturing into the topics of marriage and soulmates... which those who know me well will find most curious...

The soft, comfortable cushions are scattered across the deep pile hearth rugs... the logs are smouldering on the open fire... the sweet scent of sandalwood suffuses the surroundings... the teas and coffees are freshly brewing... and I welcome you to my humble but warming abode. Looking forward to seeing you all later today.

Link to featured material in the Poetry Corner:


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