Willow's World - 01/28/2019, Studio A, 2-4pm EST (7-9pm GMT)

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Willow's World - 01/28/2019, Studio A, 2-4pm EST (7-9pm GMT)

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28 Jan 2019, 06:25

Welcome to the Weird Wonder that is the World of Willow Andreasson...

... on today's show:

The first hour focusses on the day's news headlines, both Global and Geeky in nature;

The second hour heralds the opening of the doors to the cosy nook that is Willow's Poetry Corner: the Poetry Corner returns to its fiction-focused roots with an absolute literary classic as we continue with our journey through the Shires in J.R.R Tolkien's 1937 opus, 'The Hobbit': With their stocks fully replenished, with hearts and bodies also healed, Bilbo and the Dwarves set their sights on The Lonely Mountain in the eleventh chapter, 'On The Doorstep';

The remainder of the show sees me taking a stroll off my own beaten path with a focus on a soupçon of political Op-Eds from Russia Today: one article asks the British to face the true enemy of their people. A second article explores the calamities and cock-ups besetting the looming Brexit from the European Union. Finally... the long overdue warning... but not the warning you may think it is...

The comfy cushions are scattered liberally across the deep-pile hearth rugs... the sweet scent of sandalwood serenades the senses as the logs smoulder on the open fire... the teas and coffees are freshly brewing... and I welcome you into my humble yet peaceful abode.

Link to details of the book featured in the Poetry Corner:

https://www.waterstones.com/book/the-ho ... 0261103344

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