Willow's World - 12/13/2018, Studio A, 2-4pm EST (7-9pm GMT)

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Willow's World - 12/13/2018, Studio A, 2-4pm EST (7-9pm GMT)

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13 Dec 2018, 10:26

Welcome to the Weird Wonder that is the World of Willow Andreasson...

... on this afternoon's show:

The first hour focusses on the day's news headlines, both Global and Gallifreyan in nature;

The second hour heralds the opening of the doors to the cosy nook that is Willow's Poetry Corner: the Poetry Corner returns to its fiction-focused roots with an absolute literary classic as we continue with our journey through the Shires in J.R.R Tolkien's 1937 opus, 'The Hobbit': the fate of the dwarves is literally hanging in the balance in the remainder of the second chapter, the curiously named 'Roast Mutton' - and as that particular part of the journey is so brief, we're able to find out exactly what happens thereafter in the third chapter, 'A Short Rest'';

The remainder of the show is devoted to the inspirational posts of a heroine of mine, the wonderful Ardra Shephard, who shares her experiences with Multiple Sclerosis on her incredible blog, TrippingOnAir.com: the first of tonight's articles sees Ardra exploring the thorny issue of public perception of Multiple Sclerosis. The second article asks the following question - 'MS Sucks. Can I Be Thankful For It?...'

The comfy cushions are scattered liberally across the deep-pile hearth rugs... the sweet scent of sandalwood serenades the senses as the logs smoulder on the open fire... the teas and coffees are freshly brewing... and I welcome you into my humble yet peaceful abode.

Link to details of the book featured in the Poetry Corner:

https://www.waterstones.com/book/the-ho ... 0261103344

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