Message / Comments From Sean D. Morton (5 March 2018)

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Message / Comments From Sean D. Morton (5 March 2018)

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05 Mar 2018, 20:42

Dear Strangers,

I wanted to comment on the waves of hysteria being generated by the FAKE NEWS MAIN STREAM LIARS over the GUN issue that seems to blot out all else on the TV and radio. It is the perfect message for the Fascist LEFT that, like in Orwell's ANIMAL FARM want to send the SHEEP out to BLEAT over and over again to reinforce the power of the PIGS with complete irrationalism, while the pigs erase the rights of all the other animals on the farm until the barn wall reads, ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS!

My great-great-great Grandfather was an immigrant from FINLAND named JOHN MORTON, and I think HE was the real Father of this UNION as he was the architect behind the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION under which ALL the STATES had Supreme Sovereign RIGHTS. It was the FEDERALISTS who wanted to control and tax and re-enslave us to England that insisted on CONSTITUTION which was a guarantee of DEBT REPAYMENT to the CROWN!

In fact, if you look at the PORTRAIT of the signing of the Constitution which is now on the back of the $2 dollar bill, the one with Jefferson on the front, a man sitting at a small table has his hand on a stack of papers and his other hand raised in protest. Other paintings of this event, show PATRICK HENRY of Give Me LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH fame, and Samuel Adams, leader of the SONS OF LIBERTY screaming from the back that Washington and those signing the Constitution were traitors to the UNION and to the Revolution.

It was BECAUSE of the mistrust of the new federal government we had created that the BILL OF RIGHTS was instituted. It is CALLED the bill of RIGHTS...NOT THE BILL OF "NEEDS"!

God made MAN. Man formed the Constitution. The Constitution formed the Government, and now the GOVERNMENT wants you to think IT is NOW GOD! Due to this state of affairs, you can walk around, minding your own business, harming no one, and commit THREE FELONIES A DAY, and wind up ROTTING IN JAIL, with NO VICTIM, HARMING NO ONE, like my beloved Wife Melissa now are. In fact when asked WHO THE VICTIM actually WAS in our case, the attorneys for the FICTIONAL MYTHIC ENTITY called THE UNITED STATES, said, I kid you not, "WE DON'T KNOW!"

The FIRST AMENDMENT gives you the right to SPEAK, and the SECOND AMENDMENT gives you and your fellow Citizens the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS to make sure the GOVERNMENT does not take away all your other GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! I say "GOD GIVEN" because it the STATE gives you a "RIGHT" then it is NOT a right, they tell you know it is a PRIVILEGE, that needs a "LICENSE" from the STATE to exercise, and if the STATE can grant you something, it can just as easily TAKE IT AWAY!

And notice whenever something is IRRATIONAL and INDEFENSIBLE it is always FOR THE CHILDREN! "IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!" They weep and wail, and rip their garments and gnash their teeth! "FOR THE CHILDREN!"

You just cannot defend against CRAZY, and CRAZY PEOPLE will DO what CRAZY PEOPLE are going to do. So we PUNISH the CRAZY PEOPLE and root them and their CRAZINESS out of our society...

But to my point here. I lived in Cairo Egypt with my family when I was 16. My mother and sister went home, but I stayed with my step-dad there for several months. A kid I went to school with was the son of the Cairo Chief of police, and we had dinner and his fabulous home on several occasions and he commented on the violence in America. I asked him, "When people steal here do you cut off their hands?" And he said, "Absolutely!" He went on to explain that for the first offence you got jail and counseling, for the second more severe punishment, and it was on the third offense that this ultimate penalty was enforced. "But because we DO cut off people's hands for stealing, and they know we will enforce this, we don't have to cut off many hands! I can give you boys a bag of gold, and you can walk from one end of Cairo to the other, a city of 16 million people, unmolested. Tell me you can do that in America!"

He went on to make his point; " In America when you do NOT punish the GUILTY you punish the INNOCENT! And it is the INNOCENT who suffer by not getting justice and retribution, and the criminal goes on to harm more innocent people!"

And this brings us BACK to the hue and cry to confiscate GUNS! If you look at what all this SHEEP are BLEATING is, quite simply TO PUNISH THE INNOCENT! PUNISH THE INNOCENT! It is YOU the law abiding gun owner that now must suffer for the crimes of the GUILTY. And how does THIS make sense in a free society? When I was 14 I worked on our families pig and horse ranch, and there were snakes all over, and I carried a gun on my hip every day and never killed anything but snakes, and some very evil TIN CANS!

When I am out of here I want to RE-FORM a comedy group of the MERRY PRANKSTERS and attend all these rallies to MOCK what these people are doing with PUNISH THE INNOCENT! SIGNS and bannesrs, and TAKE MY GUN CUZ SOMEONE ELSE DID SOMETHING BAD! and, I don't know, HASHTAG "ME TOO" and "NEVER AGAIN" signs for MEN who get molested by WOMEN or something equally ludicrous and absurd, just to show these people up and inject some satire into the conversation.

That and a national JUBILEE MOVEMENT to allow young people to exercise their constitutional RIGHT to bankrupt out of STUDENT LOANS which was taken away under the Clinton Era.

Other than that, my legal paperwork is moving forward to VOID the case against us, as it is criminal and VOID, but my wife is not doing well, and I fear she may literally die where she is, as her health is horrible, she is allergic to the food they feed her and she is being denied vital and essential medical tests that were ORDERED by the doctors there by the Board of Prisons. So your donations and love and letters of support are always appreciated!
With love and INFINITE blessings to you all!

Sean-David Morton

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