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Greetings and Hallucinations to everyone out there in our STRANGE UNIVERSE.

the Prophet Ezekiel asked the Lord to turn his heart of STONE into a HEART OF FLESH so that he may BELIEVE and RECEIVE the infinite GRACE and PROPHECY of the Creator. In this place, I feel like I have to ask for the opposite of that. A HEART OF STONE to survive in here.

How do you blend into the viscious liquid of crime these people ooze and not drown in the tradgedy and cruelty of everything around you? How to you blend in when you were breed, born, raised and educated to stand out? Mesh and merge with the COMMON when all your life you have strived for the knowledge and the WISDOM to be exceptional? When you have done nothing for WORK OF THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF ALL MANKIND and then end up in a place like this?

However, with no internet other than email, and now WEB to browse, or phone to answer, or cats to clean up after or beloved and cherished wife to entertain, I am becoming like Scarlett Johannsen in the movie LUCY...literally FEELING the mergence of the right and left hand sides of my brain, the veil lifting in the bi-cameral fissue and the percentage of its available usage and storage space and access increasing EXPONENTIALLY! 10%--20%--25%--30% and on and on and UP and UP!

My meditations take me through the MULTI-VERSE, through this and other dimensions. I see past, PRESENT and FUTURE merging together. I have become closer and closer with my brothers the Monks of T'ang Boyche as they join me and my BLUE EYED WHITE LION SHALU on our journys thru time and space...

TIME IS UNITY. If you stand in the middle of a circle, and a beautiful woman runs around you, if she runs FAST ENOUGH she eventually DISAPPEARS....As it is TIME that give MEANING and CONTEXT to MATTER. there are movies that try to explain this: ALTERED STATES, LUCY, books like ILLUSIONS: THE ADVENTURES OF A RELUCTANT MESSIAH by Richard Bach, and even Bill Murray in GROUND HOG DAY which show us the KEY to breaking the never ending torturous wheel of SAMSARA.

You learn always with more crystaline CLARITY that ALL IS ONE! LIFE HAS PURPOSE! GOD IS LOVE!

The Siddharta Buddha learned what he did from being a Ferryman....his lesson was that:


I have now experienced this directly as a UNIVERSAL TRUTH! When you dive into the river of time ALL OF TIME IS THERE! The beginning, the middle and the END. And all the parts of the river...the sky, which gives birth to the SNOW and the rain, the heat that melts the snow into the rivers...and the rivers down into the sea...ALL THERE! ALL AT ONCE! As the we experience the ocean as the THOUGHTS OF GOD...

OUR EXPERIENCE of our point of where we DIVE into the water, is what give the river meaning! Row Row Row your boat...LIfe is but a dream...and that just may be the key to it the Hokey Pokey. Is THAT really what it is all about.

An APPLE is NOT AN APPLE until we experience it as such!

If you are vibrating at the frequency of NOW...and jump moments into the FUTURE....still vibe-ing at that PAST frequency, the FUTURE is a MASSIVE DIAGRAM. Like being inside a violet BLUE PRINT OF CREATION that cannot come into BEING until WE create it and EXPERIENCE IT...that THAT means the CREATOR SON of this UNIVERSE has given us THE greatest GIFT! THE ABILITY TO CO-CREATE EVERYTHING ALONG WITH HIM!

In Greek the OPPOSITE of the word CHAOS is COSMOS! The ORGANIZATION of the ETHER into all we KNOW and EXPERIENCE! But the GREEKS missed the point.

The DARKNESS is NOT the OPPOSITE or Antithesis of LIGHT! They are balanced partners and LOVERS that make up all CREATION!

With all that said, I will continue to send you updates, thoughts and wisdom! And I ask nothing for myself, but I DO for my darling wife Melissa. The stupendous forces of evil aligned against us USED HER, a complete INNOCENT in all this, to hurt me, and she is suffering greatly where she is. In fact her health is such that she may literally DIE where she is!

I BEG my friends to "PUT MONEY ON HER BOOKS"! To send anything you CAN to her account. She desperatley needs it to buy FOOD at the commisary and vitamins, as she throws up all the food there, has lost 65 lbs. and is bruised and battered from falls when she has seizers and passes out, AND NO ONE THERE CARES! As they give them virtually NO ACCESS TO MEDICAL AT ALL! So that is what you can for HELP HER! Even $20 in food and supplies can make all the difference in this cruel world thrust upon us!

Just a few updates before I must leave you:

1. I am writing the amazing book THE VAJRA CHRONICLES: A MAN FROM THE FUTURE COMES TO THE PAST WITH DIRE WARNING ABOUT OUR DESTINY. It is the story of and behind the trip I took to the year 2064 A.I. (After Immanuella) the the soul transference and transmission that I gave of future events back in 1994.

2. SANDS OF TIME: VOLUME FOUR: TIME RUNNER is FINISHED and was going to PRESS when all this HORROR happened to us! It wraps up the AMAZING SAGA of Dr. TED HUMPHREY and gave so MANY PREDICTIONS about what is to come, including the LA FIRES, Coming Earth Changes and the PRESIDENCY and FATE of DONALD TRUMP and VICE PRESIDENT PENCE. In fact it was how I KNEW and predicted Trump would win the Presidency years in advance.

3. Our case will shortly be BACK in front of the SUPREME COURT as our paperwork just needed a few fixes to be considered by the SCOTUS once again....

4. There are 75 PROVABLE, DOCUMENTED and INDISPUTABLE violations of procedure and the US and CALIFORNIA STATE CONSTITUTION,, and you are only now starting the hear in the news about the massive criminality and corruption of the DEPT. OF JUSTICE, the IRS and the FBI, and criminals like VALERIE MAKAWITCH and JAMES C. HUGHES, the PER=SECUTORS in our case. This WILL be OVER SOON, they will be brought to justice and they WILL PAY!

Meanwhile I am collecting and counting my $1000. per DAY in damages, expanding my mind and consiousness, travelling the time stream and sending LOVE and LIGHT to ALL OF YOU!


Dr. Sean David Morton

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