Bypassing Australian internet censorship

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Bypassing Australian internet censorship

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26 Dec 2018, 04:09

Censored by your country, corporation, or campus?

AU & UK members - always stay connected no matter what your government does!!!

Use Psiphon, IT'S FREE!!!

> Download1:

> Download2:

Try Psiphon! It's FREE VPN & Protects Your Privacy!

Note: Please download the app and keep a backup copy so in the event your government blocks you, you can still get on.

Also, please keep the link for our chat in case you need additional help.

Always try your smartphone as well. Don't wait months to see if the problem is fixed. It is your government blocking you, not us.


Use Cloudflare DNS: How to Switch to CF DNS to Speed Up Web Browsing

Follow these 2 simple steps to access any site, anywhere:

Step 1) It's a MUST! Configure your network settings to use Cloudflare DNS

Step 2) Choose your free preferred VPN addon:

For Chrome use : Browsec or Gom VPN or Betternet or ZenMate

For Firefox use : Browsec or ZenMate or Touch VPN or Hoxx VPN

For Opera use : Browsec or ZenMate VPN

For iOS/Mac use : Browsec

Start using these free VPN addons and bypass online restrictions to access any website!


Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis and stop your isp from spying on you.

It's simple and can be done via Firefox nightly. When you enable this, you don't need a VPN to browse blocked websites, It will unlock all domains worldwide.

How to:

1) Download Firefox Nightly From

2) Install and Open it.

3) In Firefox nightly "Address bar"

type: about:config

Press Enter and click on "I accept the risk!" which will allow you to configure Firefox nightly properly.

4) Search for "esni.enabled"

Double Click on it or right click and click "Toggle" which will enable "esni.enabled".

5) Search for "trr.mode"

Double click on it or right click and select Modify.

Set `network.trr.mode` to 2 to make DNS Over HTTPS. It will secure your connection and unlock all blocked domain names.

Enter 2 and Click OK!


set this up

6) Test your connection and It should be fully secured.


Click on: Check My Browser

Now you are once again free from network surveillance and your ISP can't spy on you anymore.

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