Where does your food come from????

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Where does your food come from????

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26 Apr 2019, 15:37

Here I go again.... After an "enlightening" conversation I have the following questions:
How many people still understand that human beings actually have to consume FOOD to sustain live?
How many do understand that food does NOT grow in the back room at the grocery store?
And how many people understand that it TAKES WATER aka H2O to grow the food that one conveniently buys at the local grocery store???

Just had someone tell me that farming takes up too much water, therefore we should really scale back since it [farming] has really become overrated anyway. And... Farming in California needs to become a thing of the past with all the drought you know, since we can buy all that "stuff" from Mexico and other 3rd world countries. And to top it off we shouldn't really buy anything anyway unless the local farmer has produced it.

WHAT???? REALLY??? So, any kind of fresh produce is out of the question UNLESS the climate in the immediate area allows it to grow. No more citrus fruit, no more grapes, no more not much of anything in areas that just don't support it... (No green houses please, its artificial and not natural = wasted water)

Do we really want to go back to the 7th Century?
Hmmm, and how much famine would you like to experience?
How much starvation would you like to share with your children? Oh I forgot, this person didn't have any kids, so they really had no clue what it takes to feed a little one...
When I reminded that person about food safety standards (U.S. vs. 3rd world) there was deadly silence...
When I reminded that person that they can't have it both ways, I got deadly silence.

So here it my advice, before you point the finger at farm & Ag again. Do this:

* #1 and extremely seriously: Quit buying bottled water!!!
* Unless your golf course is irrigated with treated sewage water quit playing golf.
* Quit "watering" your lawn regardless where you live. Let mother nature decide what should bloom, when and where or not...
* Drain your swimming pool and hot tubs. It's a luxury item that is not necessary to sustain life. No more kiddie pools = wasted water. No more running through the sprinkler. Well, once you stop watering your lawn you don't need sprinklers anymore anyway.
* Eliminate anything and everything that is non-essential to your physiological survival, period, i.e. house plants, pets, fish in a bowl...

*Oh yeah, and books... Did you know books come from wood? Did you know it takes a lot of water going from a tree to a piece of paper? Cooling logs at the mill for instance! Didn't know that?
For that matter anything else made from wood. Did you know that cereal boxes are made of cardboard = originates from wood? Didn't know that?
*Plastic. No more plastic. Takes water during production. There goes the bag that holds your cereal in the cardboard box that is still made from wood that once was a tree. Can't even buy the bulk stuff anymore. PLASTIC and plastic derivatives! Ouch...
Concrete! Takes a load of water to produce. You didn't know that? Aren't some roads made of concrete? There goes that one, too.

*Shower once a week and only five minutes or less. Heck, folks in the Old West had to live that way, let's do'er again...

* Start buying only what your local area can produce even if that means a lot of fresh produce won't be available to maintain a well balanced diet... so what. Who needs a "well balanced diet anyway"? A healthy and long life expectancy is overrated anyway, isn't it? People in poor 3rd world countries manage to live that way. Why can't you?
* Wanna grow your own food? No way! Co-ops only (if one even knows what that is) since regular people are too "stupid" to grow their own food. They have to be, don't they? If you are telling me that farmers who have practiced their trade for generations are "stupid", how would a city slicker or non-farmer know what to do with a seed? Oh, you read a book and now you know how to farm? REALLY???

* Sell your car and other gas/oil fueled vehicles since nowadays it takes corn that takes water to grow to produce your glorified ethanol. Bicycles won't do it either. If you knew how much water it takes during production with all that metal and "stuff" you are going to freak out! So, I guess you have to walk on your bare feet.
* The same goes for traveling in airplanes. None of that luxury "stuff" anymore. If you happen to live on an island build a non-motorized boat. Sail ships and frigates were a really popular thing in the "good old times" to travel overseas.
*Quit supporting sports like football and baseball. Natural turf requires a lot of water to maintain, and artificial turf "required" the use water at one point or another during production. Sports is a non-essential part of sustaining life. Isn't it?
*And last but not least, please finish reading, disconnect your computer, smart phones, and anything else that is newer than the 18th Century since it takes indeed a lot of water (heating/cooling/cleaning processes, etc. during production) to produce all that stuff that you really don't need to sustain life.

I guess some of my friends are just going to roll their eyes again after reading this thinking "man is she angry or what"? I am not angry. I am just so fed up with the socialistic liberal left winged mindless masses who throw around fancy pansy words and when asked concrete questions about farming and the production of food they refer me to NPR... or I get a huh oh but hmm followed by screaming at me for being a republican. REALLY??? Where does your food come from?

Angelika Ursula Dietrich
April 24, 2015

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