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  • NnitehawkK38 minutes ago
    never mind your so hard to get a clear answear from
  • NnitehawkK37 minutes ago
    where is the link you posted on my site
  • NnitehawkK37 minutes ago
    the link you were worried about
  • NnitehawkK37 minutes ago
    GerrBear wrote: I was concerned about this site more than ours =---->
  • GerrBear37 minutes ago
    that link I am not sure, I was scouting around for on line work m a month or 2 back
  • NnitehawkK36 minutes ago
    whats it got to do with rev radio?
  • GerrBear34 minutes ago
    nothing I was asking what any chatter thought about the ad and if it looked scamish OK
  • GerrBear33 minutes ago
    or legit
  • captfred32 minutes ago
    moved to video room
  • GerrBear32 minutes ago
    never brain , I suck at text explaining , I am a baby boomer , and a talker
  • GerrBear31 minutes ago
    and proud if IT.
  • SurreySunflower31 minutes ago
    I wouldn't touch that link with a bargepole.
  • Donald ttrump30 minutes ago
    YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW whats your take on long time political hack PAUL MANIFORT
  • GerrBear28 minutes ago
    (tu3) Willow, I see it as a pyramid scam fronting the 25 $ to get the info to make 25 $ a process.
  • GerrBear27 minutes ago
    ot looks appealing thinking to make $$ at home.
  • captfred27 minutes ago
    bargepole, as in 10'?
  • GerrBear27 minutes ago
  • GerrBear25 minutes ago
    what may I say as I look like this (haha) =----> Image
  • wingman14 minutes ago
    i'm here
  • GerrBear14 minutes ago
    me 2
  • wingman13 minutes ago
    You heard about the new strain of bird flu in china?
  • wingman13 minutes ago
    40% kill rate
  • GerrBear12 minutes ago
    hi Mitch I am OK
  • wingman11 minutes ago
    Plus a case of bubonic plague in Idaho
  • PatriKAnglish10 minutes ago
    Look !!! New Rooms !!! one each for Studio A and for B, AND, a Doom Room, too!!!

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