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  • Amad36 minutes ago
  • basement535 minutes ago
    You don’t like winters ? I live on the Canadian border in New England. We have 5 degrees and snowing like crazy right now ❄️ ! What more could you ask for.
  • basement535 minutes ago
  • SurreySunflower35 minutes ago
    For it not to be snowing, perhaps...?
  • basement534 minutes ago
    Surrey. My town is called the snowmobile capital of the east. We have 400 miles of trails in my town.
  • basement533 minutes ago
    (rev) IS # 1 !
  • SurreySunflower33 minutes ago
    Ah... tourists like it then?
  • monaradler32 minutes ago
    Tornado tears through Alabama town, destroying homes and trapping residents ... UHQUCAFjBA
  • basement531 minutes ago
    Surrey. Only on weekends. Plenty of room. In land area I live in the largest township east of the Mississippi. We have only a few hundred residents. Mostly trees and wildlife.
  • basement530 minutes ago
    Mona. How you doing. Nice of you to take over for MRho the other night. Have you spoken with him ?
  • TatankaDave29 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • Ldyhorse29 minutes ago
    lol.... silly dog.... she wants to go out, but you open the door and she's hit in the face with below zero wind and snow blowing.... she backs up and just looks at me.... "Like really, mom.... ain't going to do this"....
  • Amad23 minutes ago
  • NnitehawkK20 minutes ago
    leroy lost his mind when i let him out rip runing sliding like a little kid
  • basement518 minutes ago
    I.R.S. I claimed my cats as dependents a couple of times. THANK YOU STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS (smile1)
  • basement517 minutes ago
    NnitehawkK. Thanks again for what you do. Peace ✌️ from New Hampshire.
  • basement515 minutes ago
    (rev) is # 1. 👍🏻
  • TatankaDave14 minutes ago
    Amad thanks for the video, as always public sector workers are immune from doing their job, too much trouble
  • Amad14 minutes ago
    it could pay for the wall lol
  • TatankaDave12 minutes ago
    Neither political parties care for a wall or the American citizen! Your video is proof positive
  • Amad10 minutes ago
    we should dig a canal and stock it with sharks
  • Ldyhorse10 minutes ago
  • monaradler10 minutes ago
  • TatankaDave3 minutes ago
    Ldyhorse I was reading and looking at a video of what happened at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington D.C. of an ugly display of teenagers wearing MAGA hats surrounding and making fun of an Elder beating his drum! One piece of Sh*t just stands there smugly staring at the elder while others mock him! It is on the website! Fortunately we know who the real savages are! Especially when the pig aka Trump made light of what happened in Wounded Knee 1890
  • StarrDusttMann2 minutes ago
    Lady you reminded me that I have to season the grill plates on my BBQ grill

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