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  • TatankaDave10 minutes ago
    I am listening I do not butt heads!
  • sandym9 minutes ago
    moving right along...
  • TatankaDave9 minutes ago
    We live in a sheeple society and we the 1% who want to be sovereign of the mind and Soul must suffer!
  • Avy8 minutes ago
    I personally don't take a vision for a inevitable prophesy.
  • sandym8 minutes ago
    no way we can achieve sovereignty with twisted logic
  • TatankaDave7 minutes ago
    Why do you think preachers and politicians are loved by millions? They sell drugs in the form of Hope and Dreams!
  • sandym7 minutes ago
    i'm printing an anemometer
  • sandym7 minutes ago
    someone else's hopes & dreams as we've been robbed of our own
  • TatankaDave6 minutes ago
    Anemometer? To measure "gas" as in bs? 😄
  • sandym6 minutes ago
    a 3-d printer is an example of how we can turn a vision into reality
  • sandym5 minutes ago
    yeah measure hot & cold air speeds lol
  • TatankaDave5 minutes ago
    Building a house is an example of how we can turn a vision into Reality!
  • TatankaDave5 minutes ago
    It measures wind as well
  • TatankaDave4 minutes ago
    I can live in a house! What can I do with a 3-D printer?
  • sandym3 minutes ago
    houses are like jigsaw puzzles, assembling shapes into a larger one but a 3d printer is an example of turning empty space into an object
  • sandym3 minutes ago
    they are 3d printing houses
  • TatankaDave3 minutes ago
    Can somebody help me here?!
  • sandym2 minutes ago
    i hear they are 3d printing atoms... when they are fast enough have you ever heard of star trek replicators?
  • TatankaDave2 minutes ago
    No please explain
  • sandym2 minutes ago
    just walk up to your replicator and say "steak dinner" voila a gourmet steak dinner
  • sandym1 minute ago
    never do dishes, never make animals suffer, never farm again
  • OmegaLogos1 minute ago
    sounds lazy
  • TatankaDavejust now
    I tried to pick up a woman one night and asked her "what are you doing Saturday night?" She said she was committing suicide! So I adked her "what are you doing Friday night?" Drum roll 😄
  • sandymjust now
    we can put our energy into bigger and better things
  • OmegaLogosjust now
    lol TDave

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