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  • OmegaLogos52 minutes ago
    yay 10minutes to go
    then its MrRhos crypto radio show
  • sandym51 minutes ago
    in fact, that is the source for the pain in the first place.. being oneself is bliss.. trying to function in a programmed community of mind slaves is what tortures
  • Zaphod50 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • OmegaLogos46 minutes ago
    hey zaphod
  • Zaphod45 minutes ago
    hiya just posting vids in media room (37)
  • OmegaLogos45 minutes ago
  • SurreySunflower45 minutes ago
    (tu3) (tu3) (tu3)
  • Zaphod45 minutes ago
    im a good dog (thun)
  • OmegaLogos45 minutes ago
    hey surrey thanks
  • SaulRosenberg41 minutes ago
    Thank you Surrey
  • SurreySunflower40 minutes ago
  • volteksurfer39 minutes ago
    Mr Rho! sympathy for your loss. . .glad you are alive (thanks) (waving) (chicken) (dolphin
  • OmegaLogos39 minutes ago
    what happened to MrRho voltek???
  • volteksurfer36 minutes ago
    thursday show he said during 1st hour break his 94 yr old friend had died. . .
  • Ldyhorse36 minutes ago
    MrRho lost the gentleman he was a care giver
  • OmegaLogos35 minutes ago
    awwwwww that sux
  • volteksurfer35 minutes ago
    true dat
  • OmegaLogos35 minutes ago
    thanks for updating me :(
  • volteksurfer35 minutes ago
    u rock Om!
  • Zaphod35 minutes ago
    sorry for your loss MrRho
  • OmegaLogos35 minutes ago
  • OmegaLogos34 minutes ago
    MrRho has my deepest condolences ok
  • Knowing14 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • ArmyWac7412 minutes ago
    I am so SORRY For Mr. RHO.....This man was like a dad to him and he like a son to the guy......You really learn to love someone you are so closely connected with.
  • Knowingjust now
    Mr. Rho ~~ I offer you my prayers and condolences about the loss of your Dear Friend.

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