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  • TatankaDave13 minutes ago
    Sandym we need hobbies? House of horrors? I love your brutal honesty! Blessings 😃
  • TatankaDave13 minutes ago
    Grumble, sneer, grumble
  • sandym12 minutes ago
    out of all those titles you listed above, there is one you missed, the one you are FIRST and in fact the only one you need
  • sandym12 minutes ago
    once we start acting like that, we can be free and comprehend what actual value is
  • sandym10 minutes ago
    the guy on B was talking about "leaders" as long as we have leaders we will be slaves
  • TatankaDave9 minutes ago
    Wrong there is a difference between leaders and rulers!
  • sandym8 minutes ago
    we can see the mental illness that enables poverty, exploitation of the innocent and war, when public servants are viewed as leaders
  • sandym8 minutes ago
    whether you want to split hairs or not, you're still believing two polar opposites
  • sandym7 minutes ago
    orwellian doublethink
  • TatankaDave7 minutes ago
    Leaders make sure their peoples are taken care of, rulers are despots! Sandym I am part Seneca Indian our history, religion and language is a different culture! Not better, just different! Is all
  • sandym7 minutes ago
    no leaders direct their followers, plain english, not imaginary
  • TatankaDave6 minutes ago
    Sandym we had this discussion before! Somebody taught you how to read and write and mathematics! Those are leaders!
  • sandym5 minutes ago
    role models are not leaders
  • TatankaDave4 minutes ago
    Sandym you want everyone to think like you, if they think different than you then what can I say
  • sandym4 minutes ago
    good teachers teach you not to follow but to be your own leader, with no one to rule but yourself
  • sandym4 minutes ago
    if i wanted everyone to think like me then i would want to be their leader.. heed you nothing i say?
  • TatankaDave4 minutes ago
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    sandym wrote:
    15 Dec 2018, 20:53
    good teachers teach you not to follow but to be your own leader, with no one to rule but yourself
  • TatankaDave3 minutes ago
    I am listening I do not butt heads!
  • sandym3 minutes ago
    moving right along...
  • TatankaDave2 minutes ago
    We live in a sheeple society and we the 1% who want to be sovereign of the mind and Soul must suffer!
  • Avy2 minutes ago
    I personally don't take a vision for a inevitable prophesy.
  • sandym2 minutes ago
    no way we can achieve sovereignty with twisted logic
  • TatankaDave1 minute ago
    Why do you think preachers and politicians are loved by millions? They sell drugs in the form of Hope and Dreams!
  • sandym1 minute ago
    i'm printing an anemometer
  • sandymjust now
    someone else's hopes & dreams as we've been robbed of our own

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