• basement510 minutes ago
    captfred. I don’t like artichokes. You shouldn’t eat a food with the word CHOKE in it ! (smile1)
  • captfred9 minutes ago
    an acquired taste
  • basement58 minutes ago
    Worlds fussiest eater here. There are foods I don’t eat on name alone. How crazy is that ? Horseradish ! Never tried it. I can’t get past that name.
  • Zaphod8 minutes ago
    i never get bored watching how fing stupid the sheep are believing the propergander feed to them, hats of to the elite
  • basement57 minutes ago
    captfred. I never went for the acquired taste thing. If I don’t like it the first time I move on.
  • captfred6 minutes ago
    the question is " how dumb down can we get?"
  • Zaphod6 minutes ago
    id say it gets worse much worse
  • basement56 minutes ago
    Zaphod. There agenda has been in the works for decades, maybe even centuries. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I gave up trying to wake people up.
  • Gino20175 minutes ago
    Hello Zaphod, captfred, and basement5. (waving)
  • basement55 minutes ago
    Gino2017. Shout out 👋
  • Zaphod5 minutes ago
    yeah i niavly thought i could make difference , i say let it burn
  • Zaphod5 minutes ago
    hiya Gino
  • basement55 minutes ago
    Gino, were you born in 2017 ? (lmao)
  • captfred4 minutes ago
    hey Gino (booboo)
  • Zaphod4 minutes ago
  • basement54 minutes ago
    (porg) I don’t like artichokes !
  • basement53 minutes ago
    (runred) That’s my Uber (cart)
  • captfred2 minutes ago
    artichoke = alien vegetable
  • Zaphod1 minute ago
    Artichokes are tasty with butter
  • basement51 minute ago
    Every branch of the government is compromised ! God bless President Trump. He is really our last chance.
  • captfred1 minute ago
    artichokes are a sexy vegetable
  • basement5just now
    Artichoke road block (stop80) (copcar)
  • Zaphodjust now
    id say Trump is to little to late
  • blasphemusbuddajust now
  • Zaphodjust now
    you cannot fix stupid

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