• basement554 minutes ago
    All of the trees were much healthier 25 years ago.
  • sandym48 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • sandym47 minutes ago
    the further you go back in time, the healthier everything appears to be
  • ReggaeGirl45 minutes ago
    I agree with that
  • basement544 minutes ago
    Voice of God and V2K (voice to Skull) technology. Been around for decades.
  • sandym44 minutes ago
    fossil evidence shows there was about twice as much oxygen in the air and foliage and animals were much larger and longer lived
  • sandym42 minutes ago
    nowadays by 2020 CDC says 1/2 of us will contract cancer
  • sandym42 minutes ago
    it's about 1/3rd today
  • basement542 minutes ago
    It seem like everyone I speak with in recent years say that they are just not feeling well. Most people have no idea what is going on.
  • sandym41 minutes ago
    most are in a toxin-induced waking coma
  • ReggaeGirl41 minutes ago
    that's why you must eat organic and avoid processed foods and soda
  • basement541 minutes ago
    In the 70s 1 out of 10,000 children had autism. NOW IT IS 1 in 80 !
  • ReggaeGirl40 minutes ago
    so sad, yes I know of that statistic
  • basement539 minutes ago
    For some reason autism effects more boys than girls.
  • ReggaeGirl39 minutes ago
    Well, nice to chat tonight basement5. I must get back to work. Enjoy the weekend and I hope to chat with you again soon!
  • basement538 minutes ago
    Cities are toxic to me. I have chemical hypersensitivity and also EHS. I had to move away years ago.
  • basement538 minutes ago
    ReggaeGirl. Peace out from New Hampshire đź‘‹
  • ReggaeGirl38 minutes ago
    we must do what we must to survive and go to where it's best for us to be
  • ReggaeGirl37 minutes ago
    Thanks b5. Peace out to you too! :-)
  • sandym37 minutes ago
    coordinate our creative potential then we can recreate this world to the benefit of all instead of only the few
  • Zozobra25 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • Zozobra24 minutes ago
  • Zozobra22 minutes ago
  • DaveScottSOR16 minutes ago
    Hi I'm Dave
  • Batsman12 minutes ago
    (chimp2) (beer) Hey Dave

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