• ZaphodWed Jun 20, 2018 11:48 pm
    I still believe Trump and those behind him are heading in the right direction , im sure it is more than meets the eye, maybe even Trump and his people dont know fully the meta meaning
  • zipsterWed Jun 20, 2018 11:53 pm
  • zipster56 minutes ago
    That's funny mitchell just put a post earlier today about the mosquitoes ... udy-finds/
  • Zaphod55 minutes ago
    "the plan" isnt saturns plan anymore
  • Zaphod54 minutes ago
    yes its true mosquetos do remember defense plans i have noticed that
  • zipster52 minutes ago
    (scricket) nite ~ expand your mind and have fun too (phead)
  • Zaphod52 minutes ago
    i notices many details
  • Zaphod51 minutes ago
    the details is how the evil in this dimension were defeated , not enough attention to detail
  • Zaphod51 minutes ago
    nite zipster
  • Zaphod49 minutes ago
  • Batsman47 minutes ago
    Sally Oldfield is an Angel
  • Zaphod46 minutes ago
    im just glad Trump is in power
  • Zaphod45 minutes ago
  • bluemooone39 minutes ago
    Studio A
  • Batsman36 minutes ago
  • bluemooone35 minutes ago
    Studio A Could there be a beneficial frequency ?
  • bluemooone35 minutes ago
    ok np
  • bluemooone34 minutes ago
    Its complex I know
  • Bobby_Vicarious27 minutes ago
    posted a new topic: Show #50# 6-21-2018 in Urban Psychosis
  • Zaphod21 minutes ago
    benefical frequency?
  • Zaphod18 minutes ago
    everything can be hacked ... (dull)
  • Zaphod12 minutes ago
    internet needs a faiir bit of security or even the banks cannot function
  • blasphemusbudda5 minutes ago
  • blasphemusbudda2 minutes ago
  • blasphemusbuddajust now

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