• GerrBear35 minutes ago
    (waving) Valerie how have you been ?
  • Gino201734 minutes ago
    Where is Mitch GerrBear?
  • Knowing34 minutes ago
    I drink it almost every morning and it is excellent if you want to fast. I'm not hungry until mid day! Unbelievable!
  • GerrBear34 minutes ago
    Mitch's internet is down, playing Solarus repeat
  • Gino201734 minutes ago
  • GerrBear33 minutes ago
  • Gino201733 minutes ago
    (waving) (gmorning)
  • GerrBear33 minutes ago
  • Valerie30 minutes ago
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    GerrBear wrote:
    18 Dec 2018, 08:23
    (waving) Valerie how have you been ?
    ill tell you later gerrbear. how are you and booboo ? missed your shows again ,darn it
  • GerrBear27 minutes ago
    Boo is doing great after her cancer surgery 11/17/18
  • GerrBear26 minutes ago
    I feel better to .I was blessed a friend covered the surgery,I am slowly paying him back with the help of friends ,
  • GerrBear23 minutes ago
    Valerie email me soon will you.
  • SimplyRed77723 minutes ago
    (smile) (heart80) (gmorning) Mornin Ye
  • SimplyRed77723 minutes ago
    All :) (gmorning)
  • GerrBear23 minutes ago
    I need to go off line .I'll catch you all soon . (booboo)
  • Valerie23 minutes ago
    (booboo) (gmorning) (gmorning) (booboo)
  • Valerie22 minutes ago
    I wiil gerrbear
  • GerrBear21 minutes ago
    Please let incoming chat mates know what's up. With Mitch's network down . (tu3)
  • GerrBear20 minutes ago
    copy Valerie god bless you all , much love Boo and Me.
  • Valerie20 minutes ago
  • SimplyRed77719 minutes ago
    Switching to Studio B :) No problem :)
  • SimplyRed77716 minutes ago
    I Love John More "The Liberty Man" Great dude :)
  • SimplyRed77716 minutes ago
    Wished Hawk could Archive his shows they are Great:)
  • SimplyRed77711 minutes ago
    I love that song "Dixie Land" Look away Look Away :) (eyes3) running back to bed before the sun pops up :) (smile)
  • SimplyRed7771 minute ago
    This Xtendovite just might be the product to help one of my relatives with severe blood circulation so Greatful to you NnitehakK for Advertising this product :)

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