• zipster31 minutes ago
    No break music playing now
  • mayst13925 minutes ago
    Interest'in topics 2nite GerrBear - I feel badly for the censorship goin on...too many wakin up n realiz'in there's a lot mo'goin on, stuff they can't see with an eyeball
  • zipster24 minutes ago
  • mayst13924 minutes ago
    ask anyone with infrared camera!
  • mayst13923 minutes ago
    or nite vision!!!
  • Ldyhorse23 minutes ago
    mayst139, have you ever been to pow wow?
  • captfred23 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • mayst13922 minutes ago
    no - a chief I know, Charles Twodog, informed me
  • mayst13921 minutes ago
    He has a show on another station n lives in Kentucky
  • Ldyhorse21 minutes ago
    shall i show you a grand entry.....
  • mayst13920 minutes ago
    ive watched many - sooo beautiful!
  • Monkey506920 minutes ago
    Mornin' mayst, has twodog mentioned at all how Tracey Kennedy is doing, I have been sending her good thoughts, her MS really had her last year, what is going on with her health I wonder
  • mayst13919 minutes ago
    Hi Ya Monkey, she has been silent for some time - altho has joined People for people n checks in there at times :-)
  • Monkey506918 minutes ago
    She is such a great person....
  • Monkey506916 minutes ago
    I miss Two dog and Anjmes and Gaz but I had to leave that chat at pfp
  • SurreySunflower16 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • mayst13916 minutes ago
    Peaceful Warriors: GCR -
  • mayst13913 minutes ago
    yes, I hav also pretty much, still leave links to open minds n scatter seeds...:-) I too can be persistent wayshower
  • Monkey506910 minutes ago
    Yes mayst, thank you so much for all your excellent links
  • mayst1399 minutes ago
    Gaz abit of know-it-all n Vanessa, no red ink now hehe, makin people stay on topic n angel'ings spew on religious topics so yeaaaa, its frustrating but doable - good archives
  • Monkey50699 minutes ago
    I liked that Love Bubble lady, Lizzy
  • Monkey50697 minutes ago
    I always appreciated Vanessa, she used to pop in over here for the Galactics show on Fri., but I haven't seen her lately
  • mayst1397 minutes ago
    White Lizzy a sweetheart - but I couldn't listen, her frequency knawed at me ears
  • mayst1393 minutes ago
    Learned to listen to Scottish brogue n "tuned" in my ear! good experience learnin of their plight - same as us n some worst off...England n the islands is distress
  • Monkey50691 minute ago
    I know.... I feel some sort of responsibility towards freedom in the Anglosphere, so glad to be American but what can we do really?

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