• OLIVE2M13 minutes ago
    gerr lol :D
  • GerrBear12 minutes ago
    [ highlight=blue] OK I'll straighten up (shock) (smile1) [/highlight]
  • Avy12 minutes ago
    The Prez would be much better off stoned, eatting chips, a coke, and watching cartoons
  • OLIVE2M11 minutes ago
    Avy i was talking about lieing Fords attorney :D
  • Avy11 minutes ago
    Cool, I thought it was a good catch O2
  • OLIVE2M10 minutes ago
    thanks wellness to YOU :)
  • Avy10 minutes ago
  • GerrBear9 minutes ago
    OK I'll straighten up (shock) (smile1) ok you better you bet
  • Avy9 minutes ago
    SPY vs SPY
  • OLIVE2M7 minutes ago
    Gerrbear (37) (37) (37)
  • Avy7 minutes ago
  • OLIVE2M6 minutes ago
    booboo got no game me gerrbear , lol (nono) GerrBeaR show Avy photo of booboo when puppy lol :D
  • GerrBear5 minutes ago
    Has anyone seen MY dad @ Image
  • OLIVE2M5 minutes ago
    (gig) lol :D
  • GerrBear4 minutes ago
  • zipster4 minutes ago
    awwww cute pics of BooBoo <3
  • OLIVE2M3 minutes ago
    gerrbear the other one she is little puppy
  • Avy2 minutes ago
  • GerrBear2 minutes ago
    my cactus flowering nice corsage (smile) Image
  • Avy2 minutes ago
  • zipster2 minutes ago
  • Avy1 minute ago
    where is the mescaline?
  • OLIVE2M1 minute ago
    OLIVE2M wrote: gerrbear the other one she is little puppy
    gerrbear the photo of booboo on the grass she is a little puppy
  • Ldyhorsejust now
    it's all about the high.... lol
  • OLIVE2Mjust now
    morning Ldy good Day To YOU :)

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