• NnitehawkK33 minutes ago
    dooe days i need bth hips replaced and one kneee
  • NnitehawkK33 minutes ago
    i still do wht io do so satop feck8ing crying get a job
  • NnitehawkK32 minutes ago
    and f your handicapped every factory will acomodate
  • NnitehawkK32 minutes ago
    prts onspection and a hair to st in
  • NnitehawkK29 minutes ago
    4 local facorie do this specificly for handicapped
  • NnitehawkK29 minutes ago
    and most factories nation wide
  • NnitehawkK28 minutes ago
    many applcinc stores ands farms do the same
  • NnitehawkK26 minutes ago
    and alott of people work regrdless of the pain
  • NnitehawkK23 minutes ago
    give mona some money if want i dont care but every once in awhile ya just gotta grow up and geta job
  • cher623 minutes ago
    mona, your spirituality will see you through
  • monaradler19 minutes ago
    i have done my best to do whats possisable so iiwiiw imho
  • monaradler19 minutes ago
  • monaradler17 minutes ago
    i have covered rent etc so and feed my self NO WHEELS AVAILABLE so blessed be (hung)
  • cher617 minutes ago
  • NnitehawkK16 minutes ago
  • SJ115 minutes ago
    good on ya erbal!
  • SJ112 minutes ago
    when yer out gunned yer best defence is yer mind
  • SJ18 minutes ago
    learn from yer mistakes and don't swea tthe small stuff
  • cher68 minutes ago
    mona, you are a good person.
  • monaradler7 minutes ago
    (thanks) (smile) (awesome)
  • SJ17 minutes ago
    she's a good soul
  • cher67 minutes ago
    yes, but it hurts when you feel like you're out of control, Peter
  • cher64 minutes ago
    mona, just post the link, it's soo much easier just to lick
  • cher64 minutes ago
  • cher62 minutes ago
    nice, peter

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