• basement545 minutes ago
    Big Horn sheep in the Rocky Mountains are the ones with incredible agility and balance.
  • SJ144 minutes ago
    this is what the goats make: Moroccan argan oil: the ‘gold’ that grows on trees ... 144feab7de
  • zipster40 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • Monkey506938 minutes ago
    (porg) (37) zipster you gotta see the goats in the trees!!
  • zipster37 minutes ago
    OMG MrRho too funny with the goat songs ~ my cousin just got 2 Pygmy goats that are sooo cute 💕 :D
  • MrRho36 minutes ago
  • MrRho36 minutes ago
    I do love goats too :P
  • zipster36 minutes ago
  • zipster35 minutes ago
    hiya Monkey5069 🥰
  • MrRho35 minutes ago
  • Monkey506932 minutes ago
  • zipster31 minutes ago
  • zipster29 minutes ago
    Lol and whoooops on the Christmas tree :-O
  • Monkey506916 minutes ago
    So my girlfriend from high school who drove me around today knew about Cern from The Big Bang Theory
  • SJ114 minutes ago
    r on! we have a treasury of knowledge!
  • Monkey506913 minutes ago
    She is a bus aide with the disabled kids, she gave me some great refrigerator art from this autistic kid who loves dumpsters and garbage cans and apple cores and banana peels
  • Monkey506912 minutes ago
    his little apple core icon is like a roman numeral 2
  • SJ112 minutes ago
    ya have one likeit same source
  • SJ111 minutes ago
  • Monkey506911 minutes ago
    And I mean the stupid TV show Big Bang Theory
  • Monkey506910 minutes ago
    My housemate, her sister watches that show too, its not even funny
  • basement510 minutes ago
    Wish I had the energy of that goat ! Damn (gig)
  • SJ110 minutes ago
    heh! glad god invented irony!
  • Monkey50699 minutes ago
    Morningstar is so smart
  • basement58 minutes ago
    NighthawkK. You coming up Z.

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