• Wall-eSun May 19, 2019 3:01 pm
  • mayst139Sun May 19, 2019 3:03 pm
    Shinedown - Cut The Cord -
  • zipsterSun May 19, 2019 3:08 pm
    (rockin) ^^^^^
  • mayst139Sun May 19, 2019 3:16 pm
    I so glad to hear these movie comparisons - I quit watchin movies after I bought da house 20yrs ago - too many update much symbolizism n under-cover meanings - and learning most are not true but distorted shameful
  • mayst139Sun May 19, 2019 3:20 pm
    wasn't that way on our farm - learned to do it all, I did refuse to tend to buck barn, best bro did dat, whew
  • mayst139Sun May 19, 2019 3:20 pm
    dem bucks musky...
  • mayst139Sun May 19, 2019 3:21 pm
    like fox
  • mayst139Sun May 19, 2019 3:29 pm
    LUCE "Good Day" Live at The Little Fox...
  • mayst13957 minutes ago
    ^^^^ compliments of Keithaz (peace) (chicken) (rooster)
  • mayst13952 minutes ago
    un-employment always goes down this time of year...nutin new
  • mayst13951 minutes ago
    seasonal jobs start back usually april
  • mayst13949 minutes ago
    did that several yrs - Muirfield golf club, dat was fun n like a fairyland, soo pretty
  • mayst13944 minutes ago
    that's when I wised up bout green cards and those without, living in cars and abandoned barns n homes
  • mayst13943 minutes ago
    seemed to be a rush of migrants back then in the 80's
  • Collision Course42 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • Collision Course40 minutes ago
    Good evening, Everyone! Collision Course is on at 4 on Studio B. We'll be talking about the upcoming close approach to the Taurid Resonant Swarm. What does that mean? Find out on today's Collision Course! _ F.
  • mayst13939 minutes ago
    Fremount Ohio a big BIG tomato ketchup farm, then they moved into Marion...that town a ghost town, foreclosures, abandoned homes
  • mayst13935 minutes ago
    always money for a statue or memorial, last one on a toxic waste site...
  • mayst13934 minutes ago
    it was a city park!!
  • Collision Course30 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • mayst13929 minutes ago
    Ty Robert Morningstar, you been at it a loooong time - stand strong!! Seedplanters UNITE!! (waving) (xfiles)
  • mayst13927 minutes ago
    Blessings -
  • mayst13922 minutes ago
    needs mo'cowbell
  • mayst13918 minutes ago
    mine is dick cheney n puppet rummy
  • mayst13915 minutes ago
    not happy with galliano either - he knows n paid off...

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