• basement526 minutes ago
    ReggaeGirl. But for how long ? You might end up in the desert 🌵!
  • ReggaeGirl25 minutes ago
    they will only be there for 1 night. Then you'd be on your own. Tinsel Town...Sin City...
  • basement524 minutes ago
    Been through Vegas 6 times but never even stopped ! (runred) see ya vegas
  • ReggaeGirl23 minutes ago
    Vegas is one of my favorite spots
  • basement522 minutes ago
    I am allergic to big crowds and neon lights ! All cities are the same to me at this point.
  • basement522 minutes ago
    (chimp2) Hmm
  • basement521 minutes ago
    (porg) Were are the slots ?
  • basement520 minutes ago
    (porg) Where are the sluts ? (smile1)
  • ReggaeGirl20 minutes ago
    well, keep those allergies in check. Stay away...far away from Vegas...sluts/slots and all! lol
  • ReggaeGirl19 minutes ago
  • basement519 minutes ago
    Lots of temptation there ! The Devil’s playground !
  • ReggaeGirl18 minutes ago
    It is what you make it. I prefer the classier side of Vegas, thank you. Great food, even better shows and lots of up to the minute technology.
  • basement518 minutes ago
    5G does damage to DNA. That is the way they designed it. Weaponized.
  • basement516 minutes ago
    Vegas has nothing for me. Mount Charleston is cool north of Vegas.
  • ReggaeGirl16 minutes ago
    I will check it out sometime.
  • basement515 minutes ago
    California is ground zero for the testing of the global cabal’s Weapons. Get out now.
  • basement513 minutes ago
    So many anomalies in the California fires.
  • ReggaeGirl13 minutes ago
    Glad I'm not in California
  • basement512 minutes ago
    RaggaeGirl. Where are you ? Northern New England here. Deep in the woods.
  • basement511 minutes ago
    Up on the Canadian border
  • ReggaeGirl7 minutes ago
    I am in New York City at the moment. I travel a lot for work. I will be here for about a month then on to Boston. Hope the snow takes a break. Orlando is after that. No snow there, for sure. ha ha
  • basement57 minutes ago
    Planet is already dying.
  • basement56 minutes ago
    I used to live in Boston. Went to school there. Born and raised in Mass. Hope to never visit there again.
  • basement55 minutes ago
    We have another 12 to 15 inches of snow ⛄️ coming this weekend. My town is the snowmobile capital of the east.
  • basement54 minutes ago
    All of the trees were much healthier 25 years ago.

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