• OmegaLogos6 minutes ago
    cook your eyeballs bad
  • scorpio6 minutes ago
    if i call in id just sit there saying nothing lol
  • OmegaLogos5 minutes ago
    expect cataracts to go up
  • Vegas808HPower5 minutes ago
  • scorpio5 minutes ago
    but maybe id sat sumthing i dont know
  • SJ15 minutes ago
    sent her some research on 5g
  • scorpio4 minutes ago
    i deftly like to talk to sj
  • OLIVE2M4 minutes ago
    after noreen show i will take calls after me talk for 1 hr if one want to
  • scorpio4 minutes ago
    but it would be about catching fish
  • SJ14 minutes ago
    sure O!
  • scorpio3 minutes ago
    what do you navy guys catch out in deep sea
  • OLIVE2M3 minutes ago
    MRRHO SAID IN HELP ~~~ MrRho • Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:17 pm CANT HEAR THE BREAKS? HERE IS THE FIX: Post: # 671 Post MrRho 08 Jan 2018 09:26: So you cannot hear the breaks? This is due to a skype codec that resets itself every time a new host connects. There is currently no automatic fix. Usually there is a station manager that will be on the back end of the studio in KY that must MANUALLY turn this setting on for you to hear the breaks. IF there is no one at the desk (folks have lives also) then you may only hear a faint "whoosh or static" during the break. YOU ARE STILL ON AIR and can be heard by the masses. -- There is a quick fix (with caveats). On PC systems you can MANUALLY DISABLE the skype codec. If this is done, you WILL hear the breaks no matter what; but you must be aware that you may NOT be able to CONNECT a GUEST! - If you monologue that is OK; but keep this in mind: that you will probably have an issue connecting phone calls and guests! To DISABLE the CODEC to HEAR BREAK but IMPAIR CALLS: Go to your C: Drive (or where you keep skype) Usually it is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone [on some (older and 32bit) systems it may be in C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone] In that folder you will see a file called RTMCodecs.dll You need to RENAME that file - you can call it RTMCodecs.dll.OLD or RTMCodecs.XXX or anything OTHER than the original name. Next you will need to COMPLETELY QUIT (not just logout, but QUIT the skype program - or reboot) After you restart Skype, you will get a "warning popup" - IGNORE and CANCEL the warning, DO NOT DOWNLOAD or reinstall. Skype will start and you will now HEAR the BREAKS! - But remember calls may not work (if they do you are lucky)
  • OLIVE2M3 minutes ago
  • scorpio2 minutes ago
    Olive i hope i didnt piss you off on show before bro
  • OLIVE2M2 minutes ago
    scorpio how ya make me mad???
  • scorpio2 minutes ago
    i love what you were saying about the plant based minerals
  • OLIVE2M2 minutes ago
    no time for bubble gum
  • scorpio1 minute ago
    it was magical night that one
  • scorpio1 minute ago
    all guests were speaking full on truth
  • OLIVE2M1 minute ago
    yes tj clarks minerals is #1 for human as we know it
  • scorpio1 minute ago
    blew me the f away
  • OLIVE2Mjust now
    on gerrbear show his all nighter i was on for 5 hr with gerrbear lol
  • scorpiojust now
    yes i take them, and if you put them in kefir it hightens them even more
  • OLIVE2Mjust now
    Noreen what you have is a dailey thing for me
  • scorpiojust now
    Olive it was a good 5 hours of my life

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