• Im_a_Jin10 minutes ago
    well most of the 30 something i know didnt pay attention in civics class.
  • Zaphod10 minutes ago
  • Im_a_Jin10 minutes ago
    they think the president makes the rules.
  • Im_a_Jin9 minutes ago
    hey you, out there beyond the wall breaking bubbles in the hall can you help me?
  • Zaphod9 minutes ago
    yes but i believe this president is in harmony with a larger force of "good" ubove him
  • Wall-e8 minutes ago
  • Im_a_Jin8 minutes ago
    i dunno about that.
  • Im_a_Jin8 minutes ago
    hi wall-e.
  • Zaphod7 minutes ago
    the fact is there is nothing you and i can do about that
  • Zaphod7 minutes ago
    except do our best with what is infront of us , excercise wisdom and restraint
  • Zaphod5 minutes ago
    look for the good, but also have critical thinking
  • Zaphod4 minutes ago
    hi Wall-e
  • Im_a_Jin4 minutes ago
    yeah. nurture the good and condemn the evil. learn to differentiate between the 2.
  • Wall-e4 minutes ago
    Hello Im_a_Jin
  • Zaphod3 minutes ago
    i never condemn, i comprehend
  • Zaphod3 minutes ago
    often if you condem it creates more of it
  • Wall-e3 minutes ago
    Hi Zaphod (dpeng)
  • Im_a_Jin2 minutes ago
    oh i will not sit by silently while evils are committed.
  • Zaphod2 minutes ago
  • Im_a_Jin2 minutes ago
  • Zaphod1 minute ago
    i gona sit back and drink a few beers
  • Zaphod1 minute ago
    while i comprehend the "evil"
  • Im_a_Jin1 minute ago
    if i see evil i call it out and nip it in the bud.
  • Im_a_Jinjust now
    gotta weed the garden or the garden becomes a wild field of untames useless eeds.
  • Zaphodjust now

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