• Zaphod26 minutes ago
    notworth saving these peopel they dont appreciate it anyway
  • OmegaLogos26 minutes ago
  • basement525 minutes ago
    When was the last time any president addressed the Deep State ? Rhetorical question.
  • OmegaLogos25 minutes ago
    besides its not our job to save them..thats Jesus's job
  • Zaphod24 minutes ago
    if Trump really wanted to deal with the "deep state" he would have sent the special forces in to take them all out long ago, i doubt the story i hear
  • basement524 minutes ago
    I only count on myself to help and support me and mine !
  • basement524 minutes ago
    Zaphod. It doesn’t work like that.
  • OmegaLogos23 minutes ago
    uhm yes it does .. we have four boxes ok
  • Zaphod23 minutes ago
    i know how it works
  • OmegaLogos22 minutes ago
    soap box ballot box.. jury box and finally ammo box ... when u run out of options use the ammo box ok
  • basement522 minutes ago
    Z I doubt you do. I believe I have been aware of the global cabal for longer than you have been alive
  • Zaphod21 minutes ago
    no negotiation with terrorists thats what they are and plicating the idiotic masses with false promises of trials and "justce" only adds further insult to injury
  • captfred21 minutes ago
    We've got so much taxation. The only product not taxed in this country is prayer.
  • Zaphod21 minutes ago
    basement your assumptions are predictable
  • basement520 minutes ago
    I see I was correct. You have no idea.
  • Zaphod20 minutes ago
    im not stopping you holding on to your false hope thats your bag to carry
  • basement519 minutes ago
    I don’t hope. That is a passive activity. I act and am prepared beyond your imagination.
  • Zaphod18 minutes ago
    prepare for the end...its coming know that
  • basement518 minutes ago
    Continue with your TELL A VISION education.
  • basement517 minutes ago
    I have spent the last 10 years preparing for any eventuality!
  • Zaphod17 minutes ago
    sumthings you canno be prepared for
  • basement516 minutes ago
    Mitchell. You got that right. Bob Barr. S M F H
  • basement515 minutes ago
    D.C. WIND CHIMES ! Hang em high.
  • basement514 minutes ago
    Rant Mitchell rant !
  • Gino20174 minutes ago
    Obama is gay!

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