• OLIVE2M25 minutes ago
    morning Ldy good Day To YOU :)
  • Ldyhorse24 minutes ago
  • GerrBear24 minutes ago
    my back yard in northern Cali smallest mountain range in the world. lots of refuge's up there . Image OK OLIVE
  • GerrBear21 minutes ago
    I'm looking OLIVE Image Boo says bring it on OLIVE (smile1)
  • SaulRosenberg19 minutes ago
  • GerrBear19 minutes ago
    OK I am done good day Image
  • OLIVE2M19 minutes ago
    thats it gerr of booboo cute :D (gig) ok there booboo got game (booboo) there Avy , & zip and Ldy that photo of booboo
  • OLIVE2M18 minutes ago
    ok gerrbear bro Rest Well :)
  • GerrBear18 minutes ago
    peace with in from Boo
  • GerrBear17 minutes ago
    thank you Mister OLIVE. you rule homie.
  • Avy17 minutes ago
    amazon 2
  • NnitehawkK16 minutes ago
  • GerrBear15 minutes ago
    (haha) HAWK
  • OLIVE2M15 minutes ago
    lol hawk just say no to pee :D opps gerrme Bad :D
  • zipster15 minutes ago
  • Avy15 minutes ago
    Gonna train for the vinegar a bit first.
  • OLIVE2M14 minutes ago
    gerrbear show last nite about drinking pee,, ok me done heh
  • GerrBear14 minutes ago
    I am the Water of Life, Out of myself I grow. THE MORE YOU DRINK OF ME, THE FULLER I WILL FLOW.
  • Avy12 minutes ago
    Saturday night fever night.
  • GerrBear10 minutes ago
    Boo says be coo with Gerr, he needs to chill cuzz. (nono)
  • TatankaDave9 minutes ago
    (pointer) Roll on Fetcho
  • Avy8 minutes ago
    Don't like the vinegar much.
  • Avy3 minutes ago
    a Petch
  • GerrBearjust now
  • GerrBearjust now
    The Ancient Sumerian word for ‘Physician’ is AZU, meaning ‘One Who Knows Water

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