• basement539 minutes ago
    Oy vey
  • GerrBear39 minutes ago
  • basement539 minutes ago
    Hey GerrBear šŸ‘‹
  • GerrBear38 minutes ago
  • iamlonefrog37 minutes ago
    There he is... the B man, wassup niggah?
  • GerrBear29 minutes ago
    deep impacter
  • iamlonefrog28 minutes ago
    Fetch breaks it down quite clearly, not slingin' and "B"ull
  • iamlonefrog27 minutes ago
    *any "B"ull
  • GerrBear27 minutes ago
    OK Niggah
  • iamlonefrog27 minutes ago
  • iamlonefrog25 minutes ago
    Yer just plain ole GerrBear... Basement#5 is the "B" man
  • TatankaDave24 minutes ago
  • Mario24 minutes ago
    Gerr, what have you done?
  • GerrBear19 minutes ago
  • GerrBear15 minutes ago
    OK iamlonefrog I need to go put my par lay tickets in before the nfl game tonight
  • GerrBear15 minutes ago
    heating was that me ?
  • GerrBear14 minutes ago
    I am not sure
  • GerrBear13 minutes ago
    Los Angeles ChargersChargers 5:20 PM
    Kansas City ChiefsChiefs Preview
  • TatankaDave12 minutes ago
  • GerrBear12 minutes ago
    yes I am in vegas I have no team i do not watch nfl either
  • GerrBear8 minutes ago
    I was a Raider and 49'er fan many years , due to I grew up in No.Calif.
  • TatankaDave7 minutes ago
    Eureka? Yreka?
  • GerrBear3 minutes ago
    Look there both tied for last place on their division he he he Raiders are coming to Vegas in 2020, bitchin stadium there building now here.
    San Francisco
    3 10 0
    3 10 0
  • TatankaDavejust now
    Cancel my subscription to the resurrection
  • GerrBearjust now
    =-----> check it if you like ,

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