• OmegaLogos15 minutes ago
    yes that would also work but would also generate your own karma
  • OmegaLogos14 minutes ago
    and just becuase you fix things doesnt mean that YOU dont get damned in the process
  • OmegaLogos14 minutes ago
    if your willing to suicide it... then all good to u bro
  • Zaphod14 minutes ago
    well id kill god so karma is moot point
  • Zaphod13 minutes ago
  • OmegaLogos13 minutes ago
    and ima talking both kinds of suicide
  • Zaphod13 minutes ago
    win win
  • OmegaLogos13 minutes ago
    phsycial and spiritual
  • Zaphod12 minutes ago
    nah this false universe isnt spirit
  • OmegaLogos12 minutes ago
    its half half bro.,...its teh 1st level of hell
  • OmegaLogos11 minutes ago
    and its not false... hell is supposed to exist
  • MrRho11 minutes ago
    Former FBI director James Comey is under investigation for mishandling classified information, DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz revealed Monday. He is specifically under investigation for his handling of memos he wrote about interactions with President Trump while FBI director.
  • Zaphod11 minutes ago
    well i see it as karma for the one that created this prison , im just taking responsibillity
  • OmegaLogos11 minutes ago
    due to balance :|
  • OmegaLogos11 minutes ago
    youjust need to ascend ..thats all zaph..
  • OmegaLogos10 minutes ago
    no need to chnage donw here..its how ist supposed to be
  • Zaphod10 minutes ago
    i aint asending till this peice of dirt is in the ground
  • Zaphod8 minutes ago
    obviously our mighty aceded losers couldnt fix the dam problem so fk them in heaven
  • OmegaLogos7 minutes ago
    thats becuase its nota problem
  • OmegaLogos7 minutes ago
    your the problem..your in the wrong universe
  • OmegaLogos6 minutes ago
    please die a christian and go .. elsehwere ..such as heaven ... otherwise here is hell and hells the rest fo the way down
  • OmegaLogos6 minutes ago
  • Zaphod4 minutes ago
    and fk any of there weak ass judgements from afar
  • Zaphod1 minute ago
    well might not be my universe but this place cannot stop whats going down
  • Zaphod1 minute ago
    its the bitch universe of a biger one

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