• Valerie32 minutes ago
    (37) lol GerrBeaR !
  • Valerie31 minutes ago
    fire away ! (smile)
  • TatankaDave30 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • TatankaDave24 minutes ago
    Good morning and Blessings GerrBear šŸ˜ƒ
  • TatankaDave21 minutes ago
    The link is good thanks GerrBear
  • Valerie21 minutes ago
    GB , YOU LIT ONE UP ON AIR (lol2)
  • TatankaDave19 minutes ago
    Venus & Jupiter looking beautiful in morning skies, no telescope needed
  • TatankaDave17 minutes ago
    Catskills, New York
  • TatankaDave16 minutes ago
    Stones rule man, great concerts
  • Valerie14 minutes ago
    yup , saw 'em live once
  • TatankaDave12 minutes ago
    Yes the band plays and Jagger sings and dances and prances! Even sings at least one tune while playing acoustic guitar
  • Valerie11 minutes ago
    lol , bad seats , back of stage , all I saw was
  • TatankaDave11 minutes ago
    Thanks for the tune GerrBear šŸ˜ƒ
  • Ldyhorse9 minutes ago
    just logged in
  • TatankaDave8 minutes ago
    GerrBear the democrats voted down to pay those affected by the shutdown retroactive
  • Ldyhorse8 minutes ago
    here is one for the record books... ... -one-shot/
  • TatankaDave7 minutes ago
    That was Venus which is closer to Earth and seems bigger than Jupiter
  • Valerie6 minutes ago
    MJs dancing legs and the boys coming in and leaving.
  • Valerie6 minutes ago
    mick in his fur coat
  • Valerie5 minutes ago
    glad there was a big screen we could watch
  • TatankaDave4 minutes ago
    I wouldn't pay the price of any concert these days! Even Broadway plays the price ain't right, lol
  • Valerie3 minutes ago
    I know , right ?
  • TatankaDave2 minutes ago
    Greetings & Blessings Ldyhorse, thanks for the article šŸ˜ƒ
  • Valeriejust now
    702 - 605 - ???? Call in to After Hours in Studio A with GerrBeaR (booboo)

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