• OmegaLogos22 minutes ago
    Thats .. morality for down here ^^^
  • OmegaLogos22 minutes ago
    exactly comet
  • comet22 minutes ago
    lol there you go :)
  • OmegaLogos20 minutes ago
    damnit..they are talking about humans without qualifying that to BE human requires a certain level of STANDARDS
  • OmegaLogos19 minutes ago
    you cannot assume everyone u meet is human ..its not the case :|
  • OmegaLogos19 minutes ago
    have to test .. and test often
  • comet19 minutes ago
    yes i get some wierd vibes from some people i come across
  • OmegaLogos18 minutes ago
    and its really easy to test ... just ask them if they are evil ... most say nope ... but they are WRONG ... original sin means everyone is born evil to start with..most do not know this
  • OmegaLogos18 minutes ago
    so if somebody answers NOPE to that question..they cant be human
  • OmegaLogos17 minutes ago
    becuase they arent being logical
  • blasphemusbudda16 minutes ago
    hi ol,all
  • OmegaLogos16 minutes ago
    its like assuming God is Good..when logic dictates that God is malevolent
  • comet15 minutes ago
    hi blasph
  • OmegaLogos15 minutes ago
    hey bb
  • blasphemusbudda15 minutes ago
  • OmegaLogos14 minutes ago
    just woke up from arfternoon nap .. now listening to studio B
  • comet14 minutes ago
    not much , getting ready to crash out just though i would at least come in and say hey to everyone
  • comet12 minutes ago
    this looks like a good time to turn out the lights , goodnight have a good night :)
  • OmegaLogos12 minutes ago
    be well comet
  • comet12 minutes ago
  • UP111 minutes ago
    (pen) aloha
  • OmegaLogos10 minutes ago
    hi UP
  • UP19 minutes ago
    hey OL
  • comet5 minutes ago
    oh before i go to sleep blasph i just sent you 1000 satoshi on freebitco
  • comet4 minutes ago
    ok goodnight

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