• Grog8 minutes ago
    Thank you Ivy West ! (awesome) you Rock as always (usf)
  • TatankaDave8 minutes ago
    Knowing the powder case we knew about 5 years ago not just Johnson & Johnson but Shower to Shower as well, thanks!
  • Grog8 minutes ago
    GB (waving)
  • Grog7 minutes ago
    wow wildbob even eh bro (waving)
  • wildbob5 minutes ago
    hi Grog
  • GerrBear5 minutes ago
    OH give me 1 more chance before you give up on (heart80)
  • wildbob5 minutes ago
    kinda harsh but i bet i outlive them all
  • GerrBear5 minutes ago
    Hi ya Grog hope your doing swell buds.
  • TatankaDave5 minutes ago
    Positive vibrations roams across the chat room šŸ˜„
  • zipster4 minutes ago
    (thanks) Ivy ~ have a good week, blessings ~ Image
  • GerrBear4 minutes ago
  • TatankaDave4 minutes ago
    (thanks) Ivy you are (awesome)
  • Grog4 minutes ago
    doing ok, just cleaning things up (groundsoldier) lol
  • GerrBear4 minutes ago
    copy Grog
  • Grog3 minutes ago
    GB do you have a ham radio ?
  • TatankaDave3 minutes ago
    Is that basement5 or Grog doing all the shooting?
  • GerrBear3 minutes ago
    No i sure do not
  • Grog2 minutes ago
  • GerrBear2 minutes ago
    I am not snitching on any one , for get about it, OK.
  • Ivy West1 minute ago
  • GerrBear1 minute ago
    (pistol) (pistol) say your prayers
  • Grog1 minute ago
    i have this Baofeng BF-F8HP it has 8 watt, works great for a hand held
  • wildbob1 minute ago
    (rose) (dpeng) (rose)
  • Grogjust now
    usibg CHIRP program and hitting other repeaters i can reach out a very long distance
  • Grogjust now
    probably even to wildbob s house

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